Nik's Birthday Party

I cannot overemphasize just how much Nik has been looking forward to this birthday. He has talked of it constantly since his brother's birthday in DECEMBER. He has been planning it, making guest lists, changing his mind about the theme, and issuing invitations for 5 months. Every week, at least a dozen times, he has asked how much time was left... this week he finally had his birthday party.

The final decisions? We decided to have it at Leapin Lizards, invite his whole class, and the theme was Spongebob.

We had the party on Friday afternoon and, despite it being a holiday weekend, we had a good turnout. Most importantly, most of his best friends could make it.

Even his Baba and Dieda (who he invited back in December), his teacher, and our two sitters Julia and Terry made it.

He got to open a LOT of presents. In typical Nik fashion he ripped apart the packages so quickly that the kids who were watching did not get bored and restless...

The verdict? "I had the BEST birthday!"


Anonymous said...

I agree, and I still have the invitations he gave us in December in my wallet.
It was the best birthday party ever!

Tina in CT said...

Who are Baba and Dieda?

Sounds, and looks, like he had a wonderful time at his birthday party.

Happy belated Nik!

MoscowMom said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nik!!!! Looks like a lot of fun, with minimal work on your part... A win-win!