Icicle update...

Today was a bittersweet day... Icicle has been getting healthier and happier by leaps and bounds. Last night she played with a toy and explored on our bed. She is a happy and sweet kitten.

And today she has started the transition to her new home. Our neighbors are taking her so she will start spending the evenings and nights at their house and the days with us so she doesn't get scared and lonely while they are at work.

There were a lot of tears when we brought her over for the first time. We went home and drowned our sorrows in ice cream.


Tina in CT said...

I've been wondering how she is doing.

This arrangement sounds very good as she'll be next door and you all can see her daily. Until she settles in, she'll be at your house during the day.

If you miss her too much, you can always get another kitten from a shelter.

She looks like she's really become tame and loving.

Anonymous said...

So, your are catless again! How sad it is.
On the subjects of pets, I am even worse with Amazon than I thought I was. The ladybugs and Praying Mantis nests and some invisible nematodes showed up at my door steps on Saturday afternoon. Apparently I manage to order them.
The ladybugs are eating something off potatoes leaves for two days now.

Henry Cate said...

Ice cream often helps.