June, wonderful June

I love June. I love that it's hot enough to swim but not completely unbearable yet. I love that my kids are at camp. But most of all I love the arrival of the Rainbow Resource Catalog. It plugs up my mailbox and provides me many happy hours sitting with a cup of tea, the catalog, and my computer contemplating my purchases for next year. For kids the magic of back to school is shopping for supplies in August... for homeschool moms it is planning and shopping for books in June and July.

For those of you not in the HS community, the Rainbow Resource catalog is a NYC telephone book size catalog of homeschool books and supplies. Every thing they sell is reviewed by them. Everything. Yes, they have a religious viewpoint... but that helps me find the materials that have hidden religious content. And I love that I can buy most of my books from one source so I don't have to pay for shipping multiple times.

So what's on deck for next year? We'll be sticking with our Singapore Math/Mammoth Math combo. History is going to take us from Renaissance/Reformation/Exploration through the American Revolution and the signing of the Constitution. Science is going to be physics - simple machines, electricity, light, magnetism. Now that Ben is reading at grade level and knows all the phonemes our emphasis in language arts is going to switch from reading to writing.


Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting!
When I was in elementary school,I remember that we had to come to school and pick up our books for the next year. It was always so exiting, and I could not wait to read them as soon as I came home.

lovebuttons said...

Olga, if only kids today were as excited! I know many of them are, but am I mistaken to think there are fewer now that there are so many other distractions?

Katya, I'm so happy that you're happy! Yes, I love this time of year more than any other. I love all the activities that are going on this time of year - free outdoor concerts and so many other events!