The problem with auditory processing issues...

We fell behind this spring (thanks to the remodeling) so we have a little bit of math and spelling to finish up before we start 3rd grade... so we are doing a little work in the evenings.
Last night we started working on fractions. To see how much Ben knew already, I gave him a piece of paper and asked him to give me half... so he ripped the paper in half. Then I gave him another piece of paper and asked him to give me a quarter. Imagine my surprise when he gave me a tiny piece... I said, "Huh? That doesn't look like a quarter..." He answered, "Quarter?! I thought you asked for a corner!"
Apparently I need to say, "Eyes on me" when I give instructions in math, too.

I make mistakes like that all the time. I didn't know that I lip-read until college... but I lip-read to distinguish between similar sounds or when sounds get slurred. I've been working with Ben to look at lips so that he can do the same, but even with lip-reading you can mistake sounds... I remember once in High School I was driving in the car with a friend and we stopped by McDonald's for some food. He handed me his wrapper and I asked, "What do you want me to do with it?" He said, "Throw it in the back." So I did. I threw the dirty wrapper on the back seat of his car. He turned to me and shouted, "What did you do THAT for?" I answered, "You told me to throw it in the back!" He started laughing and said, "The bag. The BAG. I told you to throw it in the BAG!"

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