A quick trip to the pool and other updates on our week

The pool that we love was under renovation all spring and did not look like it would open this summer... but open it did, albeit quite late. I guess most people still don't know that it is open so it was not crowded at all. Shhh... don't tell anyone. Our little secret, OK? I couldn't find a swim suit that fit well at Target so I decided to wear a very old (and ugly) suit on the theory that no one would see me anyway... HALF THE TEACHERS FROM NIK'S PRESCHOOL were there! Sigh. (Why do I still own an old and ugly suit? Because I am a packrat. It was in a drawer that contained, among other things, my workout clothes from college.)

We planned to stay for a couple of hours between camp and piano lessons... but we ended up only going for an hour because Ben slipped on the edge of the pool and scraped up his whole side. I did manage to get an adult swim out of the trip so it was worth every penny - 10 minutes of floating quietly in an empty pool. As soon as we got home it started to thunder and the sky opened up...

And, of course, I forgot my camera.

The kids have been loving camp. They have made candles, created clay pots, dyed fabric, and baked muffins. And learned lots of Yoga. Hippy camp, hurray!

Gymnastics has been kicking Ben's butt. He came home so sore on Wednesday that I made him an epsom salt bath to soak in.

I was nominated for and elected to the governing board of our homeschool group.


Tina in CT said...

Poor Ben - that must have really hurt.

Congrats for being elected to the board.

Try Lands' End for a bathing suit.

Anonymous said...

All sounds good except of Ben side being scraped.
Congratulations on the board thing. Will you have to do more things?
You are much further along into the summer than we are. It rained here all week and today we saw the first 15 minutes of sunshine.