Birthday overload

Nik went to 3 birthday parties on Saturday -- 3!! At 10, 12 and 4. Of course, he had a great time -- he got to spend the whole day running around with all of his friends from preschool plus he got to eat pizza, ice cream, and cake times 3.

At the second party he was reunited with some of his closest friends so we got a great group shot. His best friends Colin, Hannah, and Bella are sitting with him in the front row. Devin Nicole and Abigail, who are going to be in Kindergarten with Nik, are the two blonds in the top row.

Bella helped Nik with the blindfold.

Nik was quite frightening swinging for the pinata!

I don't have any pictures of the third party... because I handed the camera off to Ian for the Braves game... but it was a slip-and-slide party and the kids had a great time. The parents of one of the party boys (it was a joint party for 2 boys) dressed up as Darth Vader and Princess Leah. Unfortunately they came out just as Nik had fallen and cut his lip pretty badly so I missed the kids' reactions! Darth Vader was instantly recognizable but I am not sure they knew who was with him. Heck, I'm not sure all the kids even knew Darth Vader -- later on I watched as one boy looked at a picture of Yoda and said, "Look! It's Shrek!"

For me it was a challenge -- I was feeling pretty awful by the end of the third party. My hands were shaking, all of my joints and muscles ached, and I was starting to feel very dizzy. I barely made it home and then collapsed.


Tina in CT said...

What happened to birthday parties where you drop the kids off for a few hours? That's how the parties all were when Tami was little. Great for the moms.

Three parties in one day. He has quite the social life. No wonder he was a happy boy. I noticed at Party #2, the boys were surrounded by pretty girl. I know they would love that in 10 years.

Sorry that you were so aching at the end of the day.

We went to Old Saybrook yesterday with family friends to the beach and all 3 girls had a wonderful time while the 2 grandmas just sat in their chairs.

Katya said...

Unfortunately the parties were just far enough away that it wasn't worth dropping off and then coming back.

Anonymous said...

And you ought to check your counting skills - there are more then 2 blonds on that picture, as far as I can tell.
I think I can recognize some of the kids because they where at Nik's birthday party.