The Medicis of Renaissance Florence

They [the Medicis] were a very rich family. They got rich by being bankers. A boy one day, he asked his father, "Could I have money and go to Jerusalem?" His dad said "No." When he [Cosimo] grew up he hired scripters [scribes] and found lots of ancient scripts [manuscripts] and he had scripters to recreate those scripts and transfer into their language. Other people like artists and philosophers stayed at his house. He filled his house with arts and scripts and he made libraries. When he died they gave him a name. [The Father of Our Country].

His son Piero took over and he had a disease where his muscle joints really hurt so he had to be carried around on... something that had 2 poles and a throne-like thing... and 4 people lifted it up.

Piero's son took over [Lorenzo]. One day when they were at church worshipping a god some people came in and his brother was killed but he was badly wounded. The other people in the church chased the assassins away. Lorenzo was the same as his family. He decorated the house and things like that.

[Narration of the first half of chapter 2 in Renaissance: Rats, Bulls, and Flying Machines]


Anonymous said...

Sounds about right. It is my take on Renaissance as well.

Joe Ganci said...

Sure, that sounds about right. Having lived in Italy and studied the Renaissance, and my mom and sister living not that far from Florence, the seat of the Medici power, I can honestly say I've never quite heard it put this way...but, yep, it sounds accurate. :-)