Prince Henry the Navigator

9/17 Prince Henry The Navigator
Prince Henry was a Christian and he believed that everyone should be a Christian. One day, after having [been in a] war with 2 guys, they asked him for a job. He told them to go out and find islands and plants. They went out and sure enough they found an island [Porto Santo]. The people went and they put crops in the island and bunnies started to come and multiply there. Soon there were more bunnies than men could even shoot.

Then he sent those two people to find a different island [Madeira]. Sure enough they found another one. This time the problem wasn't bunnies – it was trees. The ground was too hard to harvest in. So Goncalves said why don't you burn some, so they burned only a valley of the island but it came out of control and the fire spread to everwhere on the island. The men jumped and ran to the ship as fast as they could. Only Goncalves' family stayed in the island but on a house on the sandy banks but whenever a spark came too close they went either into the rocks or onto the water. They fed on fish and birds.

Henry the Navigator died at the age of 66. Then he was known as Henry the Navigator.
[Narration of Chapter 2, Around the World in 100 Years]


Tina in CT said...

Very good job Ben. I enjoy reading your work and what you are learning.

Olga said...

Nice story Ben.
Do you know how Madeira is looking now?