Project Wednesdays

Our physics lab focused on Newton's First Law AKA you-should-always-wear-a-seatbelt. First we looked at the effect of gravity on the acceleration of the car by varying the height of a ramp. Then we put a block at the bottom of the ramp to see what would happen when the car struck an object. The car stopped because it had an unbalanced force acting on it... the other object in motion stayed in motion and flew head-over-heels out of the car:

Ben also continued working on his retelling of a fable. Ben edited the text and printed it:

One day a panda was walking through the big, hilly, bamboo forest looking for bamboo. He saw a round, blue pitcher full of bamboo leaves and sticks. He reached his paw into it to get a couple of sticks and leaves. He grabbed too many so his paw was stuck tightly in the pitcher full of bamboo. A man with a green hat, who was strolling through the forest taking pictures of birds, said wisely, “If you are satisfied with just one piece of bamboo at a time you can get your paw out.”

Then he worked on illuminating the first letter of the story:

Once the letter was illuminated, he printed the panda on the page:

He still wants to add a bamboo leaf decorative border.

Ben also worked on building a model of one of Columbus' ships - The Nina:


Tina in CT said...

Another interesting week at Homeschool C****.

Anonymous said...

Great projects!