Radioactive Boiling Hot Poisonous Pancakes Football Club

The Radioactive Boiling Hot Poisonous Pancakes Football Club had their first game yesterday. I knew they were in trouble when the other team arrived on the field and immediately took up positions... while our boys milled around. The RBHPP FC are a pretty new team and some of the boys have never played a game before, plus we have only had 2 practices. Luckily we have a couple of really good players who carried the game. We, the parents, sat on the sidelines trying to figure out what to shout encouragingly. Go pancakes? Go hot? Go radioactive? Go RBHPP? Why couldn't they have picked an easier name?

Ben was VERY nervous about his first game; he didn't know the rules, what the various positions were, how to do a corner kick or what it meant to be offsides. When the sides switched after halftime he got the ball and started taking it towards the wrong goal!! Despite all this he did pretty well: he got the ball a couple of times, blocked a couple of attempts at the goal, and, most importantly, had a great time.

[Ben trying to steal the ball... he is immediately behind of the boy in gray]

[Ben is at the center of the picture with his arms spread wide shouting, "I'm OPEN!"]

Needless to say the RBHPP Football Club did not have a stellar first showing; the parents stopped keeping score at 2-10 which can be classified as a rout. We have a game every weekend between now and November 15th... so we have plenty of time to come together as a team...


Anonymous said...

Well, as long as kids had a good time it is worth your effort.
I think that children will be better off just playing in the back (or front) yards the same games without constant parental intervention.
The name of the team is really cool. I think it is the cry for freedom!

Joe Ganci said...

I absolutely love the name of this football club! Who came up with it? Whoever it is should open an office naming rock bands in the future!

Anonymous said...

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