Da-dum, da da da Da-dum, da da da Da-dum, da da da DA.

There was another exhibit visiting Melbourne which was about to pack up that we absolutely HAD to see. Ian and I had seen a similar exhibit in DC during our pre-child days and enjoyed it immensely so we knew the boys would LOVE the Star Wars exhibit. Sunday was promising cold and rainy weather so we packed into the car and headed across town... luckily we were already members (thanks to our Pompeii visit) so we got to skip the terribly long lines and go right in.

The exhibit was even better than the one in DC. There were so many models, costumes, props, and other pieces. There were even costumed characters!

Ian wanted to get a picture with Yoda and Obi Wan:

I needed a picture with Han Solo... or at least his clothes...

Afterwards we had lunch and then went to see the train display. We were excited because the flyer promised steam train rides... I guess I had assumed that there would be rides on full-size steam trains... silly me.


Tina in CT said...

You had a fun weekend with going to the two exhibits. A nice break from the apt. hunting.

Joe Ganci said...

Very cool! The Smithsonian did this back in 2000, I think, certainly before 9/11. There were storm troopers directing traffic holding fake weapons! Imagine that being allowed after 9/11.

I had blogged it and you can see some pics here:


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!
Glad you had some fun.