Driving me crazy...

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and we still hadn't found the perfect apartment within walking distance of the heart of South Yarra so I decided to screw up the courage to drive around the area to see what the neighborhoods closer to Ian's office looked like.

At first everything went swimmingly and I was so proud of myself. I was driving! Down the wrong side of the road! And no one was even honking at me!
What is that saying about pride? Well, just as we got near Ian's office, I made a wrong turn and wound up on the HIGHWAY! Scared and lost I got off at the next exit and, suddenly, I had no idea where I was. I didn't know the road names. I had no idea what direction I was driving in. I had even less idea what direction home was. AND, of course, it started to pour. The sky was blue in every direction but there was ONE cloud directly over my head -- I kid you not. (Good thing I know exactly where the wipers are because I keep turning them on instead of the turn signal)

I drove for a while before I found a street where I could pull off and park. No problem, I thought. Ian rented a GPS for me so I'll just turn it on. Well, apparently the pin had expired so then I spent 20 minutes on the phone getting a new pin.

Finally, pin in hand, I dialed our address into the GPS, made a right turn across traffic on a major road, and got us home. We are now curled up on the couch watching TV. We deserve it. If we could order delivery of a giant ice-cream sundae we would. Or a bottle of nice Australian wine.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god!
Good thing you are home at now. My bet, you will walk for the ice-cream or wine.
First time I got on the highway by accident (and it was driving on the right side of the road) I was petrified and my foot could not push the gas pedal hard enough to make 40 miles an hour. I got off it on the first exit. Had no idea where I was and it was way before GPS or cellular phones. It did not rain over us at least (you and L were in the car).

Tina in CT said...

When Tami and I drove to DC to look at Georgetown during March vacation jr. yr. of high school, I somehow got us lost in DC and we ended up in an industrial area - before cell phone days. I don't know how I got us back on the right highway and into the city, but I did. I was so glad to pull into the hotel, have valet parking, check in, order room service and watch the US National Figure Skating Championships. And, we'd driven down part of the time in torrential rain.

I know what you were going through except for driving on the left side of the road. Thankfully the signs there are in English.

Good luck tomorrow as you venture out.

MoscowMom said...

Oh, poor you!!!! It's terrifying being lost in scary driving conditions! It will get easier!!

Elle said...

Ooooh, Ram & I shared a really yummy bottle of aussie reisling last night! I'm not at the house so i'm trying to find which one it was, but these are supposed to be quite nice: Wakefield 2005 and Alkoomi 2006. Match to spaghetti with pesto made from fresh basil = Ah, could it get any easier? YUM !! Also these 9you know i love my reisling!!) Grosset Polish Hill Riesling is regarded as the best dry Riesling in the world, and Leo Buring Rieslings are not far behind, and are more obtainable.