Getting set up...

Today was a pretty tough day. This morning we went to the bank, then we walked all the way to the cell phone store, then we strolled back home and made phone calls.

[bored at the cell phone store]

After lunch we walked to a leasing office, then walked to see an apartment, then walked home, then walked to see another apartment. In all we walked more than 6 km today. Why so much walking? I'm really scared to drive!!

Finally this evening I was forced to... we were coming back from one apartments and Ian got a call. He pulled over, we switched, and I managed to get us home. In one piece. The boys kept giggling every time I tried to put on the turn signal and instead switched on the windshield wipers.

We saw 5 apartments, only one of which is even a possibility for us. The rest varied between weird and awful.

[great view, terrible apartment]

I forgot how disheartening apartment hunting can be. The good news is that visiting these apartments has significantly narrowed my housing search to a smaller radius. Now I know where I want to be... I just need the right place to fall into my lap.

The boys are cranky, over-wrought, tired, and beaten down. Me too.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you made it back home.
How were the right turns from the left lane?

Tina in CT said...

Hopefully you'll find something by the end of the weekend. Are you looking for a rental in an apt. complex? What about renting a condo?

MoscowMom said...

Whahh... Fingers crossed for you... I assume you're looking for furnished places?

My best friend here goes to Melbourne whenever they're in Australia; it's where her husband is from. She says there's actually lots to do with kids there and it should be a really fun place to be for you guys--once your luggage arrives, you have a place to live, and you get over jet lag!

Hang in there!