Homeless no more!

We have a place!!! The other people backed out and today we were offered a lovely townhome. that we had visited on Saturday. ** Update... sorry... the link is gone now that it is rented**.

We take possession next Friday. A service will take care of all utilities so all we need to do is arrange furniture rental.

I cannot even BEGIN to say how relieved we are. No more spending days visiting apartments, filling out applications, and driving to realty offices. No more phone call re-explaining why we need only 6 months. No more Saturdays driving all over town and hissing at the kids to be well behaved so they make a good impression.

The kids made a great impression today at the office and have earned themselves Kinder eggs... I have earned a glass of wine and a relaxing evening.


Tina in CT said...

Very, very nice. It was worth the wait to find such a townhouse. Glad that you'll be in on Friday, settled and can spend the weekend having fun.

Anonymous said...

Nice apartment and the area looks very nice too on the map.

Tina in CT said...

What are Kinder eggs?

Anonymous said...

congratulations! it's about effing time :)


MoscowMom said...

YAY!!!!! Especially after what you sent earlier today!!!! YAY!

Katya said...

Tina, Kinder Eggs are a German candy that consist of a thin, chocolate egg shell with a capsule inside. The capsule contains a toy or a game. They toys are usually really well done with a pretty high production value. Unfortunately because the US government things our children are idiots and will try to eat the toy the eggs are illegal in the US.

I'll have to take some pictures...

Davina in ATL said...

Oh...wow!! We finally remembered your blog name. I can't wait to show Kai all the pictures and read your adventures so far. Would love to have been at the botanical gardens with you guys! Going to playdate/Halloween party at the park today and you will be very missed. Glad to know you guys are well and settling in!

Joe Ganci said...

Kinder are the best! When I was living in Italy as a teenager, I lived on Kinder. (Now I'm paying the consequences with extra corporeal mass.)

Kinder means children in German, by the way.

A beautiful place you've found! You may not want to come back after six months. The kids especially might become enamored to their surroundings.

BTW, I haven't said so yet, but hey, no fair leaving the States at the start of fall and returning in the spring and at the same time arriving in Australia at the start of spring and leaving in the fall. So that's spring, summer, spring, summer, spring, summer. No fair no fair no fair.

Oh, did you know that in England they don't call the season fall? That's an Americanism. Over there it's strictly autumn. :-)

Anonymous said...

I always thought that fall is household name for the time you have to rake leaves and autumn is more formal and poetic term, when you actually admire the leaves you rake in the fall and write poems about them.
Any true Englishman to take me on this notion.