Morninton Peninsula: Body Surfing

Surf too wild to get near the water? Who needs water to surf?!

Who wants to guess just how much sand I shook out of the boys' clothes.


Anonymous said...

2 kg each would be guess, if you actually could get all the of it from their clothes, not only the loose one.
Do you have washing machine in the apartment?

Katya said...

Yes. The washing machine is OK. It takes 2.5 hours to wash a cycle but it seems to do an OK job. The dryer is HORRIBLE. The longest cycle is 150 minutes and even on high heat that leaves clothes damp!

Anonymous said...

It means that you will have a lot of wet sand on their clothes for a while.

Tina in CT said...


Kai and Luca in ATL said...

Kai says, "Did you hold open your shirt while you were sandsurfing?"

Luca says "Sand scooping would be fun!"