Ted, eat your heart out!

Dinner tonight was local organic lamb, with local organic broccoli that was just picked this morning, and a local wine. Mmm...

Ben taking his first bite of lamb, skeptically:

Nik savoring the lamb lollipop:

It was, without a doubt, the best lamb I have ever eaten. It was so unbelievable tender and delicious. I have made 2 skeptical children into lamb converts. The yoghurt-honey-pepper sauce was a pretty big hit, too.


Tina in CT said...

Any news on the town house?

I love both lamb chops and broccoli.

Anonymous said...

What kind of wine did you have?

Joe Ganci said...

Growing up in New York, we often had lamb chops. Once I moved to Italy, lamb was an occasional meal. After I moved back to the States, we hardly ever had lamb again, just because it wasn't easily found at the store, but if we eat at the Indian restaurant, they usually have lamb, unfortunately covered with so much sauce that you can't really taste the meat. Lamb is good. I'm going to see if I can find some!

Anonymous said...

I remember,some years ago, we use to have New Zealand spring lamb, here in US supermarkets. I have not seen it lately, but it was the best. I have heard, that Whole Foods has a good lamb (may be from Iceland?). Have not been to Whole Foods in ages, so did not try it.