Update on us...

On Friday we found out we will be leaving on Saturday (10/10) instead of Monday which put us in a state of even greater panic. Luckily Ben left Friday afternoon for a weekend camping trip with his best friend, Adam. Nik spent Saturday garage-sale shopping with his sitter, Terry. This left Ian and I free to focus on the house. Ian and I packed, and packed, and packed, and packed.

We are also trying to deal with the dog and house. Hugely stressful. On Saturday we found out that a teacher from Nik's preschool is taking Shadow for the 6 months. We were trying to find someone to rent the house on our own... but we have finally given up and our realtor is going to find a renter and manage the house for us. HUZZAH!

Now all we have to do is pack up our stuff and our house. And deal with the draconian Quantas luggage restrictions. Our carry-ons cannot weigh more than 7kg (15lb) for a 15 hour flight. Ian's briefcase, empty, weighs 7lbs! We get to check 2 bags each which can total 50lb and 106 inches. So we are trying to figure out what we can bring...

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Tina in CT said...

Isn't the company paying a moving allowance and either shipping boxes or paying for overage in baggage on the airline?

You're much better having the realtor rent the house as they can filter prosptective rentors and handle any issues that might come up during the time.

You must be relieved that a teacher is taking Shadow. He'll really miss all of you but better to leave him here in the States.

You and Ian must be frantically packing and sorting!