Happy Halloween!

Shadow Wolf Ninja and Boba Fett took the train into the heart of town for the Halloween Party at Ian's office.

The boys had a great time. Afterwards we went out to a lovely Italian dinner.

Yesterday, which was actual Halloween, the boys and our neighbor Simon went trick-or-treating.

Halloween is not widely celebrated here, especially in the area where we are (there are few kids around our street, mostly adults) so the boys went reverse trick-or-treating (handing out candy) instead. I wish we had a video camera... people didn't know how to react to the boys! It didn't help that the boys kept forgetting to say, "Happy Halloween" and instead kept saying "Trick-or-treat" and then handing the candy out. Most people looked surprised. One guy on a motorcycle gave the boys all of his pocket change. Another guy, who was rather drunk, pretended to be scared of the boys. Some people didn't know if they should take the candy.

Children enjoy sowing confusion so a good time was had by all. Somehow, despite the fact that they got no candy, the boys were not disappointed in the least. They got to walk around in costumes with a friend and make a big impression -- the true spirit of Halloween, I guess. Eating heaps and heaps of candy the evening before helped, too.


Anonymous said...

I like the Halloween in reverse idea.
L had similar experience in Tokyo, they were given candy by strangers in the bar. But in their case we are talking about Japanese, who are, in my experience, are very friendly people, willing to embrace any worthy tradition

Tina in CT said...

A tad different Halloween than here in the US but looks like the boys had fun. Dressing up in costumes is most of the fun of Halloween so they got to do that. Handing out candy - great idea.

Did you buy the costumes there or bring them over w/you?

Nice that Ian's office had a Halloween party for the kids.

Is Simon a new neighborhood friend or an American whose parent works with Ian?

You've become quite the birder. Isn't it fun to see all the new varities?

Katya said...

We brought the costumes over. A couple of days before we left my MIL took the boys shopping.

Simon is a british boy who just moved to Australia. He lives right across the hall in our temporary housing.

Before the kids, Ian and I used to really enjoy birding. We even went on an Audobon retreat. It has been really amazing to be here...