I got him!

Third time's the charm! We were eating a picnic lunch on our hike today when I saw him in the scrub at the edge of the picnic grounds... 12x optical zoom + a LOT of cropping and here he is, ready for his closeup... the Superb Fairy Wren!


Anonymous said...

The bird looks like someone made it from the parts of our chickadee and Carolina wren and than painted wild between the lines! Adorable bird.

Katya said...

I agree! That's a great description.
In terms of personality they flit and hop around like a wren but they are extremely shy and hard to see so they are more like a warbler in terms of personality. The males are only this bright color of blue during mating season... they fade during the rest of the year so we were very lucky to see them.

These pictures were taken from probably about 10-15 meters away... every time I got any closer he would take off into the trees.