To market, to market

To market, to market to buy a plum bun.

Home again, home again, marketing's done.

We were going to buy a couple of chickens but as we were investingating out our choices the lady behind the counter at one of the stalls said, "Have you seen our sign?" The sign said, "Still taking Turkey orders for Thanksgiving." I couldn't believe it! So local, organic turkey ordered. Check. Cranberry sauce ordered (from the same lady). Check. All other ingredients bought. Check.
We even bought some spectacular flowers. Can you believe this giant bouquet and the small bouquet of roses were only $12?!

Roses, wine, and decent cappuccinos seem to be the local bargains. Not a bad way to go, eh?!


Tina in CT said...

The flowers are gorgeous and what a deal.

They know what Thanksgiving is and celebrate it?????

What's a plum bun like?

Katya said...

Most Australians have heard of Thanksgiving but, obviously, there are no signs or displays in stores for Thanksgiving foods. This stand must cater to the American expat crowd; she said they had been doing a brisk business in turkeys small and large.

Calla lilies grow in the ditches as weeds so they are one of the cheaper flowers here. I am not usually a fan of them but there were some amazing burgundy/chocolate colored ones I almost bought.

Katya said...

I can't say I have ever tried a plum bun... but the kids did sample some amazing-smelling organic croissants stuffed with sultanas and almonds.

And I was tempted by the chocolate covered prunes. I actually meant to buy them but then by the time I finished buying the cheeses and olives for the appetizers I forgot all about them.

The kids did talk me into buying some marinated baby octopi for them to try with dinner this evening. That was our splurge/random purchase. At $50/kilo they are not something we will get often.

Tina in CT said...

Octupi! Your boys are quite adventuresome!

Joe Ganci said...

You remind me that in every area of the world there are deals, as long as we choose local customs. When we try to adhere to the diet or customs of our upbringing in other parts of the world, it can get expensive.

That is so cool that you are able to celebrate Thanksgiving there!

Anonymous said...

That is all so funny - you are making really nice chicken broth in Australia and I am cooking terrible turkey neck broth in US