The Spiky Gets a Scare (stop motion animation)

Our favorite show here is Shaun the Sheep. Watching it Ben became aware of stop motion animation and wanted to try his hand at it... so here is his first attempt:
[for some reason the video stopped working so I am testing this as a solution:]

The movie has voice/sound so you may want to turn on your speakers.


Tina in CT said...

Love it! You do the neatest things with the boys.

Katya said...

This was all Ben-driven. He has been obsessed and harassing me for days so I promised we would try on our next project day.

It took me a while to figure out how to put it together but thanks to a nice tutorial it was actually pretty quick once the photos were all taken.

Joe Ganci said...

I am so impressed! That is so cool! Now Ben has a career option besides having a blast.

Hey, did you set up the camera on a tripod? Nice how steady it is!

Katya said...

We actually didn't have a tripod with us... so I set the camera up on some books on a nightstand and we used the 2s timer feature with each shot so the camera was still by the time the shot was taken.

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice!
And where did you get the hedgehog? And who made the sounds?

Katya said...

It is actually a toy echidna that Ben bought with his Christmas money.
And Ben provided the sound effects.

angryspaceman said...

i'm stealing this for my next commercial.