Mornington Peninsula

Our first full day with Jason and Kari we dragged them around Mornington Peninsula. We started by spending the morning swimming at Safety Beach and then we had a picnic lunch and waded around in Rye. Mid afternoon we headed to the other side of the peninsula to our favorite -- Sorrento Back Beach. It was every bit as beautiful as we remebered:

Jason and Kari had their snorkel gear so they decided to explore the pool-size tidepool:

Ian joined them, too... The water in the smaller tidepools gets warm but apparently the water in the big pool is icy cold because ocean water gets in for most of the day:

There are tide-pools big and small on the limestone shelf. Beyond the shelf, at low tide, the ocean breaks against the rocks. The biggest pool is separated from the ocean by just a narrow band of rock so the waves break dramatically right behind you:

We didn't get to stay very long. The heavy storms closed in just as they finished snorkeling so we beat a hasty retreat.
Jason lent me his dSLR for the remainder of our trip... it is amazing how quickly the camera takes pictures: with my point-and-shoot I would have missed the picture of Ian jumping and the wave crashing. The pictures are so much more luminous, you feel as if you could step into them.


Anonymous said...

The pictures do look great. Such a nice beach. And I can not believe that on all your pictures the beaches look deserted.

Tina in CT said...

I double what your mother wrote. In all your beach picures, there never is a person in sight.

Is there danger of sharks at the various beaches?

Guess you will need to look into a camera like Jason has as I bet you are hooked.

Katya said...

The beaches are pretty empty. There was a pair of spear fisherman out on the shelf with us and back on the main beach there were a couple of families... but we had the beach mostly to ourselves. And this is one of the most popular beaches on the peninsula!

Kari said...

Thanks for posting these pics. They are great!

We had SOOOOO much fun together! I am so happy. I can imagine your school table so much better now, too. Love it!