Really? Really?!?!

In the last week a couple of news items have come out that have made me question the common sense of American school administrators:
- In NYC you can no longer sell home-made zucchini bread at bake sales but you can sell Pop-tarts and Dorritos. LINK
- A school district in PA handed out laptops to all of the students -- the district failed to mention that they could remotely turn on the laptop's cameras and spy on the students. A boy was caught eating candy and accused of taking drugs! LINK
- In MD a teacher berated a girl for not saying the pledge of allegience and then had two police officers march her to the principal's office. LINK
Not to mention the girl that was arrested by police for doodling on her desk and the boy who was almost suspended for playing with a 1 cm LEGO toy gun...

Where has our common sense gone?

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Anonymous said...

I am lost for words!
I have heard some of these stories in news.
And common sense does not seems to be very common around here.