Saturday at the beach

On Saturday we drove to Frankston, which is the closest town on the Mornington Peninsula. The beach was perfect for kids -- shallow and calm:

Ben had fun paddling around on our new boogie board:

It has been all over the news that 3 people have drowned in the past couple of weeks in Australia so Nik was a little scared to get in the water -- he was afraid that he was going to get pulled out to sea in 8 inches of water. With a little persuading he got on the board and let Ben tow him around:

Eventually he even got up the courage to try it on his own:


Tina in CT said...

Another beautiful beach. Australian beaches will have spoiled you for life.

Anonymous said...

And this one looks very friendly and inviting.

Home Education Family - Melbourne said...

It is really lovely there. My water-phobic daughter is happy to have a good paddle and wade in the water.