The Grampians

My parents arrived on Friday tired after a long, long flight. We decided, based on the weather, to scrap our weekend camping plans and rent a house in the mountains. On Saturday we packed up the car and drove up to a beautiful house in the Grampians: it has views of the mountains, a small resident troop of 'roos, and more birds than anywhere else we have been. It was perfect.

We spent Sunday doing a couple of small hikes: we drove around the mountains, hiked down to waterfalls and walked out to views of the mountains and valleys:

On Monday we did one of the most spectacular short hikes we have done in a long time -- the Grampians' Grand Canyon.


Tina in CT said...

Another great adventure! I'm sure you all are having a wonderful time.

Leo said...

looks gorgeous!

Elle said...

nice to see you're enjoying time with your parents! what a blessing! i'm so glad you're having such a wonderful adventure.