Mornington Peninsula: London Bridge

On the way back from the Point Nepean we decided to stop by London Bridge. When we first got down to the beach I was pretty disappointed -- London Bridge just looked like a large rock sticking out of the water. We decided to walk out to see it anyway....

Just before the bridge is a large sandstone shelf. It is very shallow and home to many starfish and other marine critters. Next time we go back I am wearing my water shoes so I can walk over the shelf without saying "ow, ow, ow" -- the shelf is also covered in small crustaceans and mussels!

As we got closer to the rock we could see a cave:

The cave was tunnel-like; a smaller second opening looked out onto breaking waves. It made for a startling contrast between the calm water of the shelf behind you and the wild waves you could see through the narrow opening:

Inside the cave the tide was coming in so the kids scrambled up onto the rocks to sit and look around:

While the grownups explored the cave:

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