Boogie boarding...

When I downloaded pictures this weekend, I discovered a set of pictures I had missed from the last day my parents were here. We didn't take a lot of picture of the Great Ocean Road but I got some great pictures of Ben boogie boarding. Most of the beaches along the GOR are not appropriate for children... and even this one had surf that was a little wild:

but Ben really wanted to try boogie boarding so Ian went in with him:

The waves were so strong, and Ben is so light, that he was thrown down the beach by the waves. Every time he caught one, he would fly by grinning like crazy. He definitely got the surfing bug!


Tina in CT said...

The pictures show how much he loved it. Surfer Boy!

The ocean is so gorgeous there.

Anonymous said...

It was very nice beach and now I feel sorry that I did not go swimming there.
Nice pictures of Ben in the water.