Wavelength pt 4

There was a photographer on board who took pictures to capture the day. He got a great picture of Ian swimming with a sea turtle:

It was really nice to have because there were so many fish we missed getting pictures of:

We found Nemo, of course:

And we saw and heard lots of parrot fish:

But even professional photos don't capture the magic of the reef:

And there were some photos that no one got. A huge white tip reef shark swam right under me while I was trying to catch up with the group. After lunch I went off on my own and startled a blue spotted ray who was napping in a cave. I watched him swim away through a narrow canyon. I saw a crown of thorns and huge blue sea star that was a foot across! Schools of tiny, neon fish swam through my fingers as I lay in the water and watched the coral below me. It was magical.


Tina in CT said...

A shark!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

The color of the fish and sea life is gorgeous. What a vacation!

Anonymous said...

Nemo is on my desktop!
The turtle is so colorful. How far is Ian from the turtle? On the picture it looks like turtle is half Ians size. Is it true?

Katya said...

The turtle was probably about 1+ meters long (3-4 feet long). There is a picture of Ian when he got even closer to the turtle but it didn't come out as well!

Katya said...

I'll send you a CD when we get back of some high-res pictures. The photographer took some amazing pics of fish!

Anonymous said...

So it is a huge turtle.
But still, the giant clam that you can fit in is the most unbelievable creature.