Yesterday we were listening to the radio while running errands. Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville came on. I turned up the volume and was singing along as we parked the car. As we got out of the car, Ben asked "What does it mean 'there's a llama involved'?"
"The song goes, 'Some people say/ That there's a llama involved'. What does that mean?"
I doubled over laughing. I have NO idea how he got 'llama involved' out of:
"Some people claim,/ That there's a woman to blame."

* * *

Life has been settling down here. I am finally starting to get over jetlag. The boys have been getting together with friends and settling back into activities. I may even start posting again soon. :-)


Anonymous said...

I want to know too - how was the llama involved!
Ask him, how he thinks the llama might be involved.

Joe Ganci said...

I always thought a llama was involved too! Those sneaky llamas always get into the middle of things where they shouldn't.

Tina in CT said...

I keep checking for updates on being back home. I'm sure you're very busy getting the house back in order, visiting friends and your favorite places (like your local grocery store).