What are we up to?

Well... now that everyone is *finally* better we are trying to squeeze three weeks' worth of house projects into one week. In addition to cleaning out the attic and basement, we are painting the front porch, back deck, and back porch. Phew.

We got the front porch scraped and washed and painted 2 coats so we are doing anti-rain dances to hold off the rain long enough for the paint to dry completely:

Since the front porch was looking so nice, the door started looking scruffy so I had to paint that, too:

Our back porch was looking dirty so we bought some fancy chemicals to clean it:

Doing one small section involved lots of gear and took forever -- we decided to give up and leave it to the professionals. Later in the afternoon I was cleaning some door frames with a Magic Eraser and decided to try it on the porch railing. I cleaned an entire section in a fraction of the time it took Ian.

We've discovered that a scrub with Dr. Bronners followed by a scrub with a Magic Eraser works ten times faster and is just as effective as the nasty chemicals. The best part is that instead of dressing like Darth Vader, I can be out there scrubbing barefoot in a tank top and cutoffs.


Tina in CT said...

Do you mean the Mr. Clean magic eraser pad? I just bought one as a fellow blogger, Annie, just did a blog about them. Better to use them than all the chemicals. When you're done, my deck needs cleaning as does the vinyl siding.

Katya said...

They work great on vinyl siding. :-)

I once rescued some horrible looking wallpaper using them. It turned out the wallpaper was white and not tan...

Anonymous said...

I am all for the Magic Erasers!
Ian looks scary in that outfit. What kind of chemicals did you use?