Can I brag? Just a little?

We just got the results of Ben's CAT (California Achievement Test) back on Thursday. The results?
Reading -- 97th Percentile
Math -- 76th Percentile
Science -- 99th Percentile
Social Studies -- 92 Percentile

Ben's Reading Vocabulary scales to a Grade Equivalent of a college freshman and his science knowledge scales to a Grade Equivalent of an 11th grader... (In other words, he did as well on the test as an 11th grader would have). Wow.

Now the not-so-good. He scored in the 1st percentile on spelling -- Grade Equivalent of ZERO. In other words, he spells like someone who has never been to school. This did not surprise me. The test contained mostly irregular words or words that are homonyms while we have been working almost exclusively on phonetic spelling rules so Ben only knows a handful of irregulars/homonyms.

Between not knowing certain language mechanics (such as how to punctuate/capitalize a letter) and terrible spelling results, he only scored in the 55th percentile for Total Language. Not bad given that many of the areas where he did poorly were areas I had chosen to not work on yet. That's what 4th grade it for, right?!

Thursday Ben also did great in gymnastics. His coach actually came out to tell me how great Ben is doing on the high bar. Ben was beaming with happiness.

All this excitement merited some serious celebration -- Irish Nachos and Shirley Temples at Melton's.


Tina in CT said...

Congrats to both the student and the teacher! I keep telling you that you should pursue a teaching career as you are fantastic.

Tina in CT said...

Congrats to Ben on how well he is doing on the high bar and gymnastics. I bet he is happy to be back doing it now that you are back home.

Anonymous said...