Christmas in July...

Even as an adult, I still find back to school shopping magical -- there is so much promise in an unopened box of pens. Nik had an official back-to-school list so I wrote up one for Ben, too. We went to Target and picked out pens, pencils, folders, erasers, scissors.

On Monday a box arrived on my front steps, heavy with school books. On Tuesday a couple arrived from Amazon. If you peek in my window you will see me happily sitting at the kitchen table, books spread out, gnawing on the back of my pencil and trying to figure out how to tie our history fiction and non-fiction books together and what project we will do this fall.

School starts a week from Monday. We are almost ready.


Tina in CT said...

School sure starts early in your neck of the woods! Does it end a month early in the spring?

Back-to-school shopping was always fun. On a rainy August, Tami and I would pack up right after breakfast and be off for the day hitting stores in two nearby towns for a full day of clothes, shoes and supplies' shopping. Lunch would be packed in our little cooler and we'd eat in the car. We'd come back with bags of stuff. When we had my MG, I had to creatively pack them in the back well and little trunk. We both think back on those days.

I bet you are loving having all the new supplies that came in the mail. Whatever you decide to do, it will be fun and Ben will love it.

Katya said...

School gets out here the 3rd week in May... so it evens out.