Summer bounty dinner

Cucumber Juice Cocktails (fresh cucumber juice, lemon juice, celery juice, vodka)

Cucumber, corn, and avocado salsa

Slow cooked brisket tacos

Corn Gelato

Ian, peeking into the kitchen, "I guess it would have been crazy to assume that you would start with a normal gelato flavor like strawberry."

Umm... yeah. An overabundance of corn and a brand-new gelato maker -- how could I resist. For the record, the kids tried a the gelato this afternoon and declared it 'delicious' (even the picky eater who was visiting).


Anonymous said...

Who is the picky eater?

Tina in CT said...

Sounds yummy but I'm not sure about corn gelato. How was it?

Katya said...

One of Ben's friends.

The corn gelato was really good.

Tina in CT said...

How was your visit?