So 7:25 on Monday morning (5 minutes before we walk out the door) Ben says to me, "Mom, I need some porcupine quills for school."
Porcupine quills?! Oh, no problem. I've got a box of those laying around.
Why do children only remember things they need for school *just* as you are walking out the door?

I think I mentioned this... but I may not have. Ben has decided he wants to try public school again so he started 4 weeks ago.

It has been a challenge. Homework is exhausting. Ben can't accurately copy from the board what he has to do, he forgets what is due, and getting the work done is like pulling teeth. He forgets his homework folder at school. Then forgets it at home. Then forgets to hand it in and I find homework he spent 45 minutes working on crumpled at the bottom of his backpack. Sound familiar?

Plus the mouthiness and crabbiness. He is stressed, exhausted, and picking up some attitude and vocabulary from his peers so his behavior has been a little challenging, too.

On the plus side he is loving school. He has been there four weeks and he is still having a great time. He has decided he wants to start public school when we move to CT!

It is making the move all that much harder and sadder. He is finally back with his friends. He has a teacher I adore. He is in a great class... and we are leaving.


Tina in CT said...

I was wondering about school until I read further down. Hopefully he will have an equally great teacher in his new school.

He's been out of the classroom for several years so it's a transition for him. It'll come. A suggestion - Does he have a notebook with a section for each subject that he can write his homework in? Maybe the teacher could glance at it before he leaves for the day too.

Why don't you have those quills just up your sleeve (ha, ha)?

If the boys are joining Boy Scouts after arriving in CT, that would be another way to get to know boys with similar interests.

Now that he is in school all day, I'm sure you are putting that time to use with your packing.

Katya said...

He actually has a special little homework notebook that he writes his assignment in and the teachers sign... unfortunately it is often illegible :-)

Tina in CT said...

Then he's going to grow up to be a doctor.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very familiar!

Tina in CT said...

And look how great they turned out!

Michelle said...

We are going to miss you guys!!! So sad!!!

April Rescigno said...

Paul's grade is using an agenda book to keep track of assignments, but it doesn't always make it back to school.

All of the teachers here have a website (through the school system) and I can look up homework, print out worksheets, even find links for games. Does your teacher have something similiar?

We also use PowerSchool to check lunch balances, absenses, and even grades for Johnny.