Apparently I can't read... or do simple math.

For some reason I thought I had two days between Ben's all-day birthday party and when the movers come. I don't. They come tomorrow. &($*#&!

To make matters worse, on my calendar I have that the movers pack tomorrow and friday and load Monday/Tuesday. Where did I get that? I don't know. The movers pack tomorrow and load Friday/Saturday. WTF?!

Can someone please help me find my brain? I must have packed it up when I packed up my studio... H-E-L-P

Oh, and did I mention I woke up feeling cruddy today? I got the nasty cold that is going around.


Tina in CT said...

It's called stress. Breathe deeply and have a nice glass of vino.

Are you having a birthday party at your house while the movers are there??????

Anonymous said...

I was wandering about your dates for packing and loading, but did not have any guts to ask why.
The birthday party with the movers sounds great! You might find less things and more children when you unpack in CT.

Anonymous said...

On the packing days - I am pretty sure (from my vast moving experience) that they will not finish packing in one day. So, count on packing on Thursday and Friday and loading Saturday and whatever..