Would you like some snow to go with that snow?

The view from our front door:

The view this morning from the top of the driveway (our plow guy was already through once):

I don't think we will be getting out this way anytime soon:

Our roof shovel comes in this afternoon. I think we need it:

Where, exactly, are we supposed to put this new snow?!?

They are predicting two inches on Saturday and another storm next week. At this rate the kids are going to be in school until July.


Tina in CT said...

I just got plowed and I have shoveled the steps, deck and walk so the dog can go out with having to jump through the snow. I am so worried about my roof but at my age, I don't have the strength to scrap my roof.

Anonymous said...

We look about as good as you do. And I hope kids will be out of school by August.
I am willing to try to scrape my roof, but there is no way to get to it! The snow piled around the house so high (nearly at the window level), so there is no way to get around the house, except of buying a pair of snow-shoes. We are considering it.