Garden is coming along...

A couple of weeks ago we Nik and Ian put together 4 raised beds for me:

This weekend the weather was finally nice enough to get to work on the garden.

We spent Sunday morning getting the garden beds ready. Ian leveled the beds and I filled them with soil.

Nik wanted to come out, so he dragged a box over and supervised the work:

There is a vine that creeps along the back fence and I have been reluctant to cut it back until I could identify it. Unfortunately it is invasive bittersweet so it has to go before it kills the surrounding trees. As I was working on the garden I trimmed it back a bit.

Ben helped by waiting (im)patiently for Ian to be done so they could go on a 3 hour bike ride.

Ben and Ian are training for the 5 Borough Bike Tour in a couple of weeks!

Nik and I spent the afternoon indoors starting lettuce, kale, and chard seedlings. We also soaked pea seeds for the 4 rows of peas we plan to plant.


Tina in CT said...

I didn't know that raised beds aren't just laid on the ground. I learned something. That bittersweet would make great wreaths for the fall but it is invasive.

Anonymous said...

You accomplished a lot in one weekend!
Happy planting!

MoscowMom said...

Oh!!! I did the Five Borough Bike Tour with my friend Mary (bridesmaid) when in 8th or 9th grade! It was great!!!!!! What fun they'll have!