What is that smell?!

A couple of days ago we noticed a nasty odor in the semi-finished part of the attic we use to store gear.

We tried airing it out.
We tried drying it out.
We finally decided that there must be a dead animal in the attic crawl space so we spent 2 hours emptying it out.
Once it was empty, the smell had migrated to a closet.
So everything in the closet was subjected to a sniff test.
So what smelled like a dead animal?
A pair of kids boots that had come out during Snowtober and must have been put back wet. Eeeeew.


Tina in CT said...

All that work and it was just a pair of boots. Did you have to chuck them?

Anonymous said...

And what about the thing that looks like a pumpkin right next to kids boots?

Katya said...

Yup. We put them outside on the front porch (next to the pumpkins we never carved) and then threw them away the next morning.