First Gymnastics Meet

I know people are eager to see the pictures from Sunday, so here are a few. Unfortunately my camera take very poor low-light, high-speed picture s(I really need to upgrade to a DSLR) so I had to use stills from the video.

Ben had his first gymnastics meet on Sunday -- 40 boys from 7 teams competed. Ben moved up to a level 5 this fall and has struggled with some of the events so he was pretty nervous going into the meet. Overall, he did better than he and his coach were expecting.

He finished 3rd on the High Bar:
He did pretty well on the Parallel Bars, too:
Pommel/Mushroom is a tough event for him. He really struggled with the Mushroom and had to restart his routine 3 times.
Ben is still struggling with the landing on the vault:
When I get a few minutes to rotate and compress the video, I'll try posting the high bar and PBar routines.


Anonymous said...

Great job Ben!
Can not wait to see video.

Tina in CT said...

Congrats to Ben! He looks great!

Joe Ganci said...

That is so cool! I look forward to seeing the video. Who knows? Olympics in a few years?