Various small crafty projects

As you can tell I am feeling a little better this morning. I actually have enough energy to sit at the computer and maybe even tackle the sink full of dishes (I have not done any dishes since Monday!). While I go attack housework... I'll leave you with a couple of small projects I have worked on this month...
These are a couple of ATCs I made... I have been experimenting with making fabric using fabric cuttings and other scraps. I put the scraps between 2 layers of water soluble stabilizer and quilt the heck out of it. Then I dissolve away they stabilizer and I am left with a slightly lacy collage fabric. I used it in the heart and dragonfly wing... These ATCs are already at their new home.

This is a Dotee doll for an ugly fabric challenge. Her name is Sally. I picked out fabric and beads that I thought were so ugly I have contemplated throwing them away. I must say the doll herself came out cute... One more to go and then off they go in the mail.

Kiki is also with his new owner. Kiki is an alien who came to earth hoping to disguise himself as a cat and infiltrate our society. I think Kiki should have done some more research. I wish his hair and wings showed up better in the pictures... he has awesome hair. He is my first stuffie and I am rather proud of him.

Ok... these next project were done in December...
The first two are paper ATCs (which I rarely do). They are Altered Text ATCs -- you take a random passage of text and pick out words that from a new idea, thought, or line. I don't like them - visually they are pretty to look at but the text is forced and awkward.

The next two ATCs were also done in December for various challenges. I REALLY like the tomato one. The Asian one was the result of an accident... I tried writing part of a haiku on the card and it smeared and looked awful... so I painted over the writing with green fabric paint.

This was for a Fairy in a Jar challenge. She has a little crystal necklace and wand. Her skirt is made of 5 different kinds of novelty yarn sewn over tulle. She and Kiki have the same wing fabric. I had a lot of fun sewing her and then dressing her up. Here she is in her jar, packaged, and ready to head out the door.

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