My baby brother and his wife move to London today. Their flight leaves in an hour.

29 years ago tomorrow we left Russia. Tomorrow is my grandmother Masha's birthday. (Nikki's middle name is Marion in honor of her).

We are having a Gin and Tonic to celebrate their journey! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

We are having gin and tonic too!
That is too funny!

Katya said...

Yes... but what brand of gin are YOU using. :-)

MoscowMom said...

Why are they moving to London? Now you'll just have to go visit them!

I'm only now getting caught up on reading blogs (will post once back in Moscow). I loved reading all about your trip to Disney! What a wonderful vacation for you all!

I hope EuroDisney will enthrall the girls, too... We're headed there in May. We've never done Disney here in the US b/c our time in the US gets eaten up by other commitments and the last thing we feel like doing when here is getting on a plane again... (And I would NOT want to go to Disney in the summer--when we'd be able to stay in the US long enough to go).

Tina in CT said...

Tami left something here for you which I'll be mailing in a padded mailer this week so just wanted to give you the heads up.

Katya said...

Thanks so much for doing that, Tina.