Territory disputes in the attic

Both of my kids are home all day. Both are cranky. Ben has been sick since Sunday. Today he is feeling better enough to be out of bed. Nik is home because his teacher's son is sick. Things were going ok... for the first 45 minutes...

So there is a white spot on the floor upstairs. Nik wants it to be a store. Ben wants it to be his home. Ben is SOBBING on the floor because that is the ONLY spot in the ENTIRE room that is suitable for his home. (This is a room that runs the length of the house!) "I want someplace for my guy to live and he's not letting me live there. And if I go in the back room Nik will want to go there, toooooo (dramatic sobbing starts again)." There is no possibility of compromise and this is not a teachable moment.

I hate the day that kids start to feel better. When Ben was so sick that all he wanted to do was lay on the couch things were fine. Tomorrow, when he is better, they would be able to find a way to work it out. Today will be an endless parade of tears, misunderstandings, and disappointments.

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