A ray of hope and sunshine

Ben went to the Swift school this morning for his interview. They have the students take part in a morning of classes and activities. He took classes with the students, went to gym, and went to lunch. Ben was EXTREMELY nervous about this. He threw up at school yesterday, didn't want to go this morning, said he would rather be with his friends, and said (in the car ride over) that he thought he was going to throw up again. I was VERY nervous when we dropped him off. I didn't think there was any way he was going to get a good impression of the school.

While Ben went to classes, Ian and I met with Betsy, the executive director. She was warm and personable and we had a really great conversation with her about the school and it's philosophies. I really feel that, culturally, the school is a great fit for us. She gave us a tour of the school and Ian and I talked on the phone about his impressions. He had really liked what he had seen. Afterwards Ian headed to work and I headed to BN until Ben's morning was done. I was nervous. I couldn't even focus on reading manga.

I went back to the school at 12:30 to pick up Ben. Ann went to get him and he came around the corner skipping and BEAMING from ear to ear. He immediately burst out with how much he loved the school and could he please stay. He was smiling, giggly, and relaxed. I almost burst into tears. It was the most relaxed I have seen him in MONTHS. He chattered like a little monkey the WHOLE ride home -- I could barely get in a word edgewise. He asked if we could go out to dinner to celebrate the new school. He was chipper, funny, and smiley all afternoon. I want to call Ann, the director, and say... can you please, please, please take him NOW. I know their only 1/2 class is full so it can't happen... but I really wish it was an option. This is the best mood he has been in since October. It gives me such hope for the future. We should hear in a week or two if they will offer us a spot...


Tina in CT said...

What wonderful news about Ben's day and feelings about the school and more importantly, how he was feeling himself. I wish something would open up for him for an immediate spot. I can imagine how you were glowing all the way home seeing that your son had such a fantastic time at the new school. Enjoy your celebration dinner out tonight.

Joe Ganci said...

That is great!!! That's what conquering fears is all about, especially in kids. This is a turning point for Ben...maybe for you too! Maybe in the future he'll be more ready to try new things now that he knows that new things can sometimes be wonderful!

Happy, happy day!

MoscowMom said...

Oh, Katya... How wonderful!!!! I hope he can get in with a spot immediately! How long did the director think it would be before there'd be an opening?

I'm so glad that Ben saw how good a school can feel... I think Joe is right that it will be such a turning point for *all* of you.

Our fingers are crossed!!!!!