Unnerring sense of when is the WORST time to get in trouble

Molly, the school nurse, called me today as SOON as I got home from picking up Nik. Ben threw up right after lunch, could I come get him. Well... by the time I picked him up he was chipper and full of life. I quarantined him in his room for the afternoon just to be sure... but I think that it may have been something he ate. or nerves. anyway.

Nikki took full advantage of my distraction. Every time I was otherwise occupied (checking on Ben, answering the phone, using the bathroom) he got in trouble. Nikki:
- fed the dog popcorn
- threw his weaving loops ALL over the living room
- scattered every sofa cushion
- spilled water all over the floor
- hid in the bathroom and washed cardboard
- got the scissors out of the bathroom to trim various things around the house

Sigh. He has been so good all week... and then he turned into a little terrorist this afternoon.

So we are having a bad afternoon. Ben missed a playdate and the pinewood derby. Nikki is destroying the house. The dog is eating out of the trash can. And I am trying to decide if Ben is really sick and I should cancel tomorrow's interview or if we can go tomorrow...


Joe Ganci said...

As a dad who has raised two boys who are now 24 and 22, I can tell you that (believe it or not) THESE are the memories that will make you laugh later...maybe MUCH later! Also, you'll be able to bring these episodes up in conversation with the future girlfriends of your boys to totally embarrass your boys...ah, sweet revenge!

Tina in CT said...

The joys of motherhood!