Did we REALLY do all this today?

So after dropping Nikki at Alyssa's this morning we returned home and started phonics. Then we went to the Lego Club organized by the homeschool group. Ben and Kai had a great time together again and I got a chance to peek in at some of the other classes. The clay workshop looked so amazing - they were making these fantastic toad houses! Deciding to stay out, we went to the library to do our math, reading, and more phonics.

After a quick lunch we picked up Nikki and came home and studied Egyptian gods and godesses. We discussed WHY they created gods and how the god's various characteristics and symbols reflected their sphere of influence. Then Ben invented his own Egyptian-style god:
Name: He has a secret name that no one can hear. He can't tell his name because it is a secret name and reveals his powers.
Symbol: He has a big, black ball with a handle carved on it that he can hold it.
Animal:He can go through the universe fast, so a cheetah.
Role: In charge of the universe
His dad had the power of the sun and the moon so he decided he would have a bigger power than him. When he thought this, he might have a bigger power than any of the gods. So he thought and thought of the biggest power. Then he realized – the universe. His dad was in charge of the sun and the moon and the universe is bigger than anything else and it never ends. He got the power from his dad because he had the power in between. He had a little trail in between and he owned just a little square of the universe so he decided he could give the rest of the power to his son. But there was one thing – he did not name his son his secret name. His son made up his secret name for him and all of his powers went inside of it. His family doesn't even know – he is the only one who knows the secret name.

Afterwards we all piled in the car and went in search of the elusive airport playground. We found it. And that was when the trouble began. Apparently dogs are not allowed -- and we had driven all the way there with Shadow. It was too hot to leave him in the car so we brought him hoping for the best. Well... the playground is amazing. It is under the control tower at the edge of the runway. We watched a couple of planes take off and land and then we were told, in no uncertain terms, that the dog had to go. So we all left. Feeling glum and grumpy. It was a long 20 minutes getting back home.

We needed to turn the collective mood around so I dropped the dog off and we headed straight for Fernbank Museum. They had a new exhibit about caves that was fun so we spent the rest of the afternoon there...

Then we came home and made this amazing stew with turkey thighs, olives, sundried tomatoes, red wine, anchovy paste, and tomatoes served over polenta. Yum. Ben ate 4 bowls full. Now the boys are playing outside and I am about to give the dog a bath.

Can you believe that we did all this TODAY?! Ok. I KNOW I have been delinquent on taking pics. I promise I'll take some tomorrow and post 'em.


Tina in CT said...

Ben and Nikki are so lucky to have such a super mom! You missed your calling as a teacher!

MoscowMom said...

Wow!!!!! I can only imagine being so productive! My hat is off toy you :-)

By the way, what ever happened with your favorite restaurant and their kicking you out for reading? Sounds as if after such a busy day--had you not cooked such a yummy meal your kids actually ate--that a meal out would have been nice.

By the way, could I have the recipe?