Great Horned Owl

There was one sitting in the tree just above where I am typing. MAN was it loud. At first I was going to yell at the teenagers next door for raising a ruckus -- then I stepped out on the porch and recognized that it was a great horned owl. Calling. In the pine tree near our house. Unfortunately the flashlight I had was not strong enough for me to see it -- but it was strong enough to disturb it so I got to watch it fly over my head to another tree. They are SILENT as they fly. I would never have known it was flying if I had not seen it. Ben came out with me... now we are both wide awake and bubbling over with excitement.

For living in a city we seem to have quite a bit of wildlife -- wild turkeys, coyotes, hawks, owls, and all manner of small birds.

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Tina in CT said...

Here my neighborhood backs up to acres and acres (miles) of woods and I've never seen a coyotte (nor do I want to either). I'm always afraid one would come in the yeard to get my dachshund. I have seen a bear in my yard though.

That must have been neat to see the owl.