Fits and starts

Learning is so funny... it happens in such fits and starts. We were going to start VCE words today (like cake) because Ben read the CVCC (like post) and CCVC (like slip) words so smoothly yesterday and the day before. And then today he struggled through the warmup game. We quickly switched gears and spend the morning doing review. I'm not sure if it was lack of sleep, excitement about seeing Ms. M today, or just the normal 2-steps-forward-1-step-back of learning.

That is one great thing about doing school 1:1. I can be completely flexible. If he is having trouble concentrating I can scale the day back and spend it doing review work. If he is focused and making progress we can work ahead as much as he is ready.

Of course today proved endlessly disappointing. He dropped the ankh he spent all week making. He was sloppy in all his work because he couldn't wait to go visit Ms. M. Well... when we got to the school and she was out sick. Oof.

Hopefully this afternoon will be better. We are going to Glenlake park to meet a local homeschool group... Fingers crossed.

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