Recess - homeschool style

Wow. We had SO much fun at Glenlake. We met tons of REALLY nice families. Ben made some friends. He and another boy, Kai, spent 2 hours hunting crawfish and salamanders in the creek. The boys made water rockets out of plastic pop bottles and launched them. We were so busy having fun I didn't take any pictures. We finally left after being cold, wet and exhausted. We had a great dinner at Melton's App and Tap where we almost finished our Moomintroll book. Most of the classes are already in progress for the spring semester... but I think Ben and I will go join the Lego Builder's Club on Tuesday. I'm so glad we went. It ended up being a totally awesome day.

And no, I don't need to have more kids, raise goats, or wear denim jumpers and braid my hair to fit in. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Are you talking about visit to Glenview park?

Katya said...