Learning happens in the strangest places...

Last night, as most of you probably know, some nasty tornadoes went through Atlanta doing some severe damage. More tornadoes are coming through today doing incredible damage just north of us. Luckily we have been spared so far.

At 10:30 last night we had to take the kids down into the basement while the tornadoes passed. As we sat in the basement and watched the radar on my laptop Ben asked, "Is radar like satellite?" I explained that radar towers are on the ground instead of in space. "How tall are radar towers?" "How do they work?" So there we sat, huddled in the basement, watching an online demonstration of how weather radar works. :-) Isn't technology great!

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Tina in CT said...

Thank you for your note on Tami's blog. Yes, I am devastated and miss her so much. I keep expecting her to trot down the hall and want to be picked up and cuddled.

Because I just can't be w/o a doxie, I've been on rescue websites and have connected with an AKC woman who works with a dachshund rescue in IL and she is going to help me. There is a transport from there coming to CT on the 28th. All their dogs are from loving foster homes and no puppy mills. I want another smooth hair doxie, female and Tami said I have to get a puppy so I can properly housebreak her. I really don't want a red as it'll remind me too much of my Streusel when I'd look at her.