Trying with 2

I woke us this morning with my voice going out. I think I lost it shouting at boys to get off the roof of the portable yesterday at the boyscout thing. Long story. In any case Nikki is home on Fridays so today was our first day trying to do school with both boys at home.

It went OK. I set up a little desk area for Nik and he did some stuff while Ben worked on phonics and reading. While Ben did copywork (handwriting) I worked with Nikki on some phonics/letter recognition. Nikki enjoyed watching Ben do math with manipulatives and then I sat with Nikki and looked at stuff on the computer while Ben did a worksheet. Then we did creative writing - the boys took turn dictating stories. All in all it went better than I thought it was going to.

The afternoon has been tough -- it is cold and raining so no walk. I have largely lost my voice so our normal rainy day activities of sitting and reading or playing a board game or an art project have been ruled out. Right now we have the timer going and they have 30 minutes to build a contraption from a small bag of Legos.

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